AYUR ASHRAM emphasizes on the authentic traditional practice of Ayurveda based on ancient scriptures. We offer a set of classical treatment and therapies. All therapies are administered by our specially trained staff under the direct supervision of the Chief Physician Dr. Sunil Kumar.

PANCHAKARMA The five course acclaimed ayurvedic treatment flushing our impurities from inside, cleansing the whole body to usher in vigor and vitality.

ABHYUNGAM (Oil massage) Massaging the whole body with specially prepared medicated warm oil to relax muscles and body.

UDWARTHA (Powder massage) Massage with herbal powers to reduce fat and obesity and make body slim and beautiful.

KIZHI Powdered herbs and ayurvedic medicines bundled in cotton cloth and applied/massaged to relieve muscular pain, paralytic problem etc.

DHARA, PIZHICHIL Pouring of medicated oil on the head in small stream continuously for a specific time as part of rejuvenation therapy and for recouping memory.


REJUVENATION TREATMENT PACKAGE (Panchakarma, Dhara, Pizhichil, Kizhi etc.)

7 Days - 500 Dollars
10 Days - 650 Dollars
14 Days - 835 Dollars

Also Treatment for:
Bronchitis,Asthma, lungs related diseases, allergy, Hyper tension and Diabetes
Psoriasis and other skin problems
Headache & migraine
Rheumatism, Arthritis, Back pain, Joint pain etc.