Stress Clinic

Stress has become an increasingly common characteristic of contemporary life. Stress has made miserable the life of many professionals, especially those working at the IT sector. Stress is the outcome of countless number of events which might be joyful, emotional, sad, allergic, physical etc. Many people carry enormous stress loads and they do not even realize it! We provide Ayurveda treatment with yoga and meditation to limit the harmful effects of stress while maintaining life's quality and vitality. The process starts with the detailed examination of the person with regard to his physical condition, clinical analysis and the events that cause stress, by the Chief Physician followed by the authentic Ayurveda treatment:

Netradhara to relax strain on eyes
Nasyam for headache, nostril congestion, easy breathing
Thalam medicated oils on head to improve nervous stimulation
Sirodhara again on head to cure sleeplessness and headache
Full body massage for sleeplessness, fatigue, loss of skin luster and obesity
Steam bath for detoxification of body
Medicinal bath in medicated water-cleansing body
PRANAYAMA breathing exercise for relaxation of mind and body.

We provide effective Ayurveda treatment to control stress and remove stress related problems.

Effective treatment for Back pain, rheumatism -*Pizhichil , *kizhi and *Thakra drara for psoriasis, *Udwartham, * Abhyungam for obesity .

Chef’s Clinic

Chefs face health problems due to the nature of their work, back pain and arthritis. A professional kitchen is an incredibly stressful environment.

Osteoarthritis-Standing up in a kitchen all day causes compression of leg muscles, numbness of arms. Lifting heavy pots strain ligaments and discs in the lower back..

Diabetes and Heart Diseases- Late nights and split shifts, lack of exercise and negative eating habits.

Stress-related Issues- high blood pressure due to working to a constant stream of tight deadlines in a confined and hazardous environment

A special package of 15 days. To rejuvenate them. To put them back to the kitchen with vigour and vitality.