AYUR ASHRAM is the authentic Ayurvedic Treatment and Rejuvenation Centre.

It is atop a hillock in the lush greenery, surrounded by palm trees and medicinal plants and the cool breeze from the Arabian Sea caressing round the clock.

Ayur Ashram is situated in a serene place at Pachalloor in Trivandrum city, the capital of Kerala. It is 10 kilometres from Trivandrum International Airport, 7 kilometres from Trivandrum Railway Station and just 4 kilometres to Kovalam Beach.

Kerala is the land of Ayurveda. The mild climate here is ideal for Ayurveda treatment. The treatment we provide here is strictly according to the ancient scriptures on Ayurveda and is authentic. All the medicines are made at Ayur Ashram with herbs in the traditional manner as per Text to get maximum results. The treatment rooms and massage rooms are arranged in conventional manner. Our staff members are well qualified and trained and are friendly, courteous and caring.

Food is an important factor in Ayurvedic treatment. The ideal diet for each as prescribed by the Doctor is prepared hygienically, using farm fresh ingredients by our cooks. Kerala dishes are so special and will be a feast to the taste buds and having the food at the dining area watching the sea will add to the taste.

We have beautiful rooms for a comfortable stay during treatment. The rooms are elegantly decorated and each room provides scenic view of Arabian Sea and the greenery around.

We believe healing as a noble cause. For us "Atithi Devo Bhavah" ('the guest is God') as said in Upanishad, the ancient Hindu scripture.