Chief Physician

Dr.Sunil Kumar, BAMS, ND

24 years of practice as Ayurvedic physician enabled Dr.Sunil Kumar to come across thousands of patients suffering from various ailments. Treating and curing them in the authentic Ayurvedic way has given him vast experience in proper diagnosis and right medicines. This has earned him the reputation as a renowned Ayurveda Physician.

Dr.Sunil Kumar has graduated in Ayurveda, 5 ½ year course, with BAMS degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery) from Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, University of Kerala in 1992 and Diploma in Naturopathy, ND.

He has a natural liking for Ayurveda since his childhood, possibly inherited from his father Dr. Sivasankara Pillai, a well known Ayurveda doctor and a great scholar in Sanskrit. He was Chief Medical Officer in Ayurveda in the Kerala Government Medical Services and started the Ayurveda clinic, “Dhanwanthari Oushadhalaya”, in Thiruvananthapuram after retiring from service in 1984.

After graduation Dr.Sunil Kumar has joined his father in their clinic and started practice under his guidance. This gave him ample opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge and learn the right methods of Ayurvedic treatment and to earn practical experience from the vast knowledge of his father. As all the medicines were prepared in the clinic he got knowledge to prepare Ayurveda medicines.

Dr.Sunil Kumar is an expert in Ayurvedic Treatment. His Naturopathy learning comes as complementary in his treatment. His mode of treatment is strictly based on ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. He never compromises on quality and gives authentic Ayurvedic medicines made under his own supervision. Considering his stature as an eminent doctor he is appointed as consultant Physician to India Government’s Space Research Organization VSSC/LPSC.

He has published two books on Ayurveda-“Vaidya sara sangraham”, “Yogasaram” and is the Editor of monthly "Arogya Yogam".

Dr. (Mrs.) Neethu Prakash, BAMS

The Visionary

Dr.A.Sivasankara Pillai (1918-2003)

The Guru, guide and father of Dr. Sunil Kumar. He was a great scholar and well versed in Sanskrit. This has made him to read the original Ayurveda texts in Sanskrit and understand the original Ayurvedic system of medicine. He was Chief Medical Officer of the Kerala Government Ayurveda Medical Services. He started his own Ayurveda clinic “Dhanwanthari Oushadalaya” providing treatment and curing a large number of patients. He was particular about preparing medicines under his supervision and giving his patients the quality medicines. He taught his son Dr.Sunil Kumar all about of Ayurveda and imparted proper training and handed over the knowledge from his treasure and many secrets of Ayurvedic treatment.